Online Dissertation Writing Provider: A Help or A Traitor in Disguise


There are lots of companies that claim to be a genuine essay and dissertation writing companies targeting to serve the Americas, UK and other European and American countries. Essay or dissertation writing companies offers a wide variety of services such as dissertation editing, dissertation proofreading, dissertation consultation and many other more specific writing task such as dissertation rewriting and dissertation formatting. Too good to be true to have someone to help us in our burden but the question: is dissertation writing provider really a help?

Help is a subjective term (at least for me). A help to one person may be a burden to the other. Take for example the idea of “tough love” to known speaker John Foppe. The first time John knows that his parents is not helping him anymore in changing his cloths he felt that he was abandoned. How can a person with no hands do the task. Yet doing that task himself make him stand as a person and he was able to adopt and live the life that he has to live. Same is true with dissertation writing, if we are not going to learn to do the task then we may not be able to learn to do writing at all.

One of the downsides of getting an online dissertation writing provider is dependency. There is a great chance that since a provider is really excellent in doing the dissertation that his work does not need any quality control editing then it would make the student just copy it and take it as his own without even doing further research on the topic that he has on hand. Being enticed to get 20%, 25%, 30% or even 50% discount when ordering a dissertation writing service will really grab the attention of any student.

In the end, getting online dissertation writing provider is a call to each student. Perhaps getting a dissertation editing or thesis help may not be bad at all but once he became dependent in it, he may not learn to write at all.


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