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I’m talking on Edutalk on Wednesday about my Dissertation – uploaded  if anyone wants to read it

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Guest Post: Breaking the Writing Block

I find this as something that is worthy to be shared. A lot of students are really facing the problem of writers block.

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Rod Pitcher is a PhD student in Education at The Centre  for Educational Development and Academic Methods at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. The focus of his study is the metaphors that doctoral students use when describing their research and other matters related to their studies. His profile is at http://cedam.anu.edu.au/people/rod-pitcher.

Not being able to work is the curse of the PhD student. And writer’s block is one of the worst to deal with. We all get it. Usually, there’s no reason apart from the inability to settle down and work. My supervisor told me that the way to beat not being able to write is to follow the ‘take one small step’ procedure. She told me that to get myself writing again I should take one small first step. This method works in breaking through writers’ block and similar problems. I know because I’ve used it.


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Online Dissertation Writing Provider: A Help or A Traitor in Disguise

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There are lots of companies that claim to be a genuine essay and dissertation writing companies targeting to serve the Americas, UK and other European and American countries. Essay or dissertation writing companies offers a wide variety of services such as dissertation editing, dissertation proofreading, dissertation consultation and many other more specific writing task such as dissertation rewriting and dissertation formatting. Too good to be true to have someone to help us in our burden but the question: is dissertation writing provider really a help?

Help is a subjective term (at least for me). A help to one person may be a burden to the other. Take for example the idea of “tough love” to known speaker John Foppe. The first time John knows that his parents is not helping him anymore in changing his cloths he felt that he was abandoned. How can a person with no hands do the task. Yet doing that task himself make him stand as a person and he was able to adopt and live the life that he has to live. Same is true with dissertation writing, if we are not going to learn to do the task then we may not be able to learn to do writing at all.

One of the downsides of getting an online dissertation writing provider is dependency. There is a great chance that since a provider is really excellent in doing the dissertation that his work does not need any quality control editing then it would make the student just copy it and take it as his own without even doing further research on the topic that he has on hand. Being enticed to get 20%, 25%, 30% or even 50% discount when ordering a dissertation writing service will really grab the attention of any student.

In the end, getting online dissertation writing provider is a call to each student. Perhaps getting a dissertation editing or thesis help may not be bad at all but once he became dependent in it, he may not learn to write at all.

The Basics of Writing your Dissertation Structure

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The final dissertation is plagued with a lot of firsts. There goes the coming up of a good dissertation topic, as well as, the preparation of your thesis statement. And who could forget about the dissertation structure?

Fortunately, unlike the other mentioned firsts, the structure requires less brain work; most of it comes from the specifics your institution prescribes for your final piece. In other words, you don’t have to spend a significant amount of work to devise the structure.

The basics of writing the dissertation structure consist of these two:

  1. Pick the default structure-components

  2. Choose body-specific components

The first fundamental will range from the Title Page to Definitions. The second fundamental, however, takes a lot of consideration, as they need to be a necessity to gain a spot in your piece. It might involve an Introduction to be paired with a Conclusion, or a Discussions part to accommodate the elaborations for the Results and Analysis.

To ensure that you have not missed any crucial component or are only keeping all functional components, take your drafted dissertation structure to your supervisor. Perhaps, he or she can tell which among your structure component is really useful and which can be readily discarded. Moreover, don’t shy away from asking why something is discarded or added.

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Coming up with a strong dissertation structure is of paramount significance as coming up with a good dissertation topic or honing your final thesis statement. The structure ensures that you cover as much as you need to cover. It also helps you avoid missing any chapter for your dissertation.

However, students should also approach a structure as flexibly as possible. There are going to be times of which will show you that another chapter is necessary and, therefore, needs to be added, or weeded off.

Making it Easier to Write Law Dissertations

Photo credit: Tclehner.files.wordpress.com/

Photo credit: Tclehner.files.wordpress.com/

Writing law dissertations and law essays are already part of the expectations for a student who is taking up law. These tasks are generally not considered as easy, especially law dissertations because of the project’s complicated nature. So what can a student do to make the process easier and if possible, even integrate a sense of fun into the activity?

  • Motivate yourself. For a student who has been repeatedly doing the same things which are reading, writing and analysing for years, boredom and fatigue would eventually set in. This can cause a student to submit shoddy law essays and law dissertations or not to submit them altogether. How do you prevent this from happening? The answer is through motivation, aiming to finish your tasks because you want to see yourself finally earning a law degree and gaining the respect that a lawyer commands and earning on your own, or simply so you can finally be rid of the long study nights and seemingly endless examinations and coursework assignments. Others do it so they can help their families or the less fortunate of society fight costly legal battles.
  • Make the right choices. As difficult as the prospect of writing law dissertations seem, one good thing about it that you can take advantage of is that it allows you to make choices. When you do, strive to make logical and practical choices without sacrificing the quality of your work. Perhaps the most important choice you will make involves your dissertation topic. You should find one which deeply captures your interest, is neither too narrow nor too complicated, and has enough resource materials that you can use to support your thesis statement, discussion and analysis. A good dissertation topic should also help you bring more knowledge to a chosen field of study.

    Photo credit: Bloomfieldlawgroup.com/

    Photo credit: Bloomfieldlawgroup.com/

  • Create a plan. Any endeavour, especially a complicated one such as law dissertations, always has a better chance of being successful if you created a good plan for it. The plan serves as your guide or roadmap to ensure that all aspects of the project are completed successfully and on time.

Thoughts on the movie Spring Breakers

The Story's Story

* “Spring break forever” is a refrain in the movie, but spring break forever is actually hell. You need “normal” life to contextualize the party and make it special. Not every day can be a festival if a “festival” is to have any meaning. Tucker Max says in Hilarity Ensures that he “worked in Cancun, Mexico for six full weeks during my second year at Duke Law School” and by the end he says “Cancun beat me, like it eventually beats everyone.”

* A lot of the people in the theater were laughing, and so was I, because the absurdity of the movie. Is this a New York cynicism thing? Would the theater have been laughing in Oklahoma or Kansas? It was hard to tell if most of the movie was supposed to be funny.

* I don’t grok in fullness the spring break ideal, because to the extent I…

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