Making it Easier to Write Law Dissertations

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Writing law dissertations and law essays are already part of the expectations for a student who is taking up law. These tasks are generally not considered as easy, especially law dissertations because of the project’s complicated nature. So what can a student do to make the process easier and if possible, even integrate a sense of fun into the activity?

  • Motivate yourself. For a student who has been repeatedly doing the same things which are reading, writing and analysing for years, boredom and fatigue would eventually set in. This can cause a student to submit shoddy law essays and law dissertations or not to submit them altogether. How do you prevent this from happening? The answer is through motivation, aiming to finish your tasks because you want to see yourself finally earning a law degree and gaining the respect that a lawyer commands and earning on your own, or simply so you can finally be rid of the long study nights and seemingly endless examinations and coursework assignments. Others do it so they can help their families or the less fortunate of society fight costly legal battles.
  • Make the right choices. As difficult as the prospect of writing law dissertations seem, one good thing about it that you can take advantage of is that it allows you to make choices. When you do, strive to make logical and practical choices without sacrificing the quality of your work. Perhaps the most important choice you will make involves your dissertation topic. You should find one which deeply captures your interest, is neither too narrow nor too complicated, and has enough resource materials that you can use to support your thesis statement, discussion and analysis. A good dissertation topic should also help you bring more knowledge to a chosen field of study.

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  • Create a plan. Any endeavour, especially a complicated one such as law dissertations, always has a better chance of being successful if you created a good plan for it. The plan serves as your guide or roadmap to ensure that all aspects of the project are completed successfully and on time.

Thoughts on the movie Spring Breakers

The Story's Story

* “Spring break forever” is a refrain in the movie, but spring break forever is actually hell. You need “normal” life to contextualize the party and make it special. Not every day can be a festival if a “festival” is to have any meaning. Tucker Max says in Hilarity Ensures that he “worked in Cancun, Mexico for six full weeks during my second year at Duke Law School” and by the end he says “Cancun beat me, like it eventually beats everyone.”

* A lot of the people in the theater were laughing, and so was I, because the absurdity of the movie. Is this a New York cynicism thing? Would the theater have been laughing in Oklahoma or Kansas? It was hard to tell if most of the movie was supposed to be funny.

* I don’t grok in fullness the spring break ideal, because to the extent I…

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Dream of becoming a published author? Read this


Yes, it’s great. It’s really exciting. It is.

But then there’s this:

Drug-addicted beauty writer Cat Marnell has landed a book deal with Simon & Schuster for her memoir, “How to Murder Your Life.” Marnell, who has been in and out of rehab for her addiction to prescription drugs, famously told us she’d rather “smoke angel dust with her friends” than hold down a full-time job after being fired from Jane Pratt’s Web site, Now she has chronicled her sexual and narcotic adventures in a book, to include her life as a spoiled rich kid of a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst and her drug-fueled rise through Condé Nast, and Vice magazine…The proposal details her numerous sexual conquests [and] four abortions.

Because, you know, get-up-wash-face-work-hard-sleep-repeat is so…..vanilla. Who cares?

And then there’s the inevitable email I got yesterday, giving me 25 days to buy back several thousand unsold…

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