Guest Post: Breaking the Writing Block

I find this as something that is worthy to be shared. A lot of students are really facing the problem of writers block.

To Do: Dissertation

Rod Pitcher is a PhD student in Education at The Centre  for Educational Development and Academic Methods at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. The focus of his study is the metaphors that doctoral students use when describing their research and other matters related to their studies. His profile is at

Not being able to work is the curse of the PhD student. And writer’s block is one of the worst to deal with. We all get it. Usually, there’s no reason apart from the inability to settle down and work. My supervisor told me that the way to beat not being able to write is to follow the ‘take one small step’ procedure. She told me that to get myself writing again I should take one small first step. This method works in breaking through writers’ block and similar problems. I know because I’ve used it.


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